The Dr. Vine Show is a health podcast that emphasizes on the importance of your health and lifestyle, helps you tackle current diseases ravaging the globe, and educate you on how to prevent certain diseases, while saving costs on treatments, in addition to providing health tips to help you coast along in good health.

It is hosted by Nigerian national and Indian trained Dr. Vine Ibeawuchi, who has a passion for helping the sick and educating the healthy on the risk factors that lead to certain diseases.

The Dr. Vine Show provides you with the ingredients that make sure you are powerful enough to tackle any disease; well equipped to deal with diseases from centuries past and present, while also maintaining, nourishing and strengthening the healthy body.

The Podcast consists of 5 sections which may or may not be included in each of the episodes. They include:

  • The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – The section in which the topic is discussed intensively down to the little details.
  • The Consult – The section in which the guest speaker who is our consultant – and a consultant –  gives his/her expert views regarding the topic of discussion.
  • The Doctor’s Report – The section where you will receive all the trending health news from across the globe.
  • The Post Prophylaxis Box – The section in which shout outs to healthy & ill friends/family, inspiring stories, and lots more are broadcast and shared with every listener.
  • The Discharge Summary – The section in which you have a ‘take-home’ advice from the topic of discussion and lots more.

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